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Large Pet Pocket
  • Large Pet Pocket

    All pets love to snuggle, and Pet Pockets were carefully designed to fulfill the desires of your champion cuddler! Our pockets are designed to offer your pet that cozy, secluded safe space where they can truly unwind. Our premium fleece is so soft- you'll find your pet cuddled up inside all year round.


    ★ ★ ★ Our fabric options are changing very quickly due to availability gaps as a result of COVID. Please contact to select from one of our current patterns BEFORE PURCHASING. If you purchase this listing prior to contacting us, we will get in touch afterwards to help you select a pattern.★ ★ ★


    Large Pet Pocket size 32"w x 28"h

    We recommend this size pocket for pets up to 50lbs. However- you know your pet best! If your pet prefers a snugger cuddle space, they may prefer one of our smaller sizes!


    Also available in Small and Medium Sizes:

    Small Pet Pockets approx. size 20" x 15"

    Medium Pet Pockets approx. size 25" x 18"

    • Care Instructions

      Our Pet Pockets are 100% machine washable! Machine wash cold, tumble dry low and fluff back to shape!


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