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About Us

We believe all pets should live in the lap of luxury!

"When I started Triple R Pet Shop, I set out with the goal to create unique products that truly improve your pets' quality of life.

That's why every single item is designed with your beloved pet in mind! Our Pet Pocket was designed to fulfill your pet's desire to burrow for comfort and security. Our Pillow Beds are impossibly plush, stuffed high with non-clumping fill to create that cozy spot they'll return to time and time again.

Our irresistible treats are crafted by hand in small batches from original recipes designed to be both delicious and genuinely nutritious!

With every handmade product Triple R Pet Shop creates, I aim to honor the loving bond you share with your pets."

Debbie Scillia

Thank you for letting Triple R Pet Shop be a part of your pack!

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